Volkswagen - Redhead

by Edu Grau

Germany, Spain, 2016
Shot with Alexa and C Anamorphics

Director - Edu Grau
Prod Co - Rekorder
DP - Pau Castejón & Edu Grau
Production Co. Spain - THE LIFT
Agency - DDB Berlin

It was real fun (for once) to direct a commercial with the only purpose of learning and doing the best job I could. It was not an obvious choice to choose me to do this VW in their worst time, so I am grateful to the DDB people and Rekorder, who pushed for me.

It was a truly exciting experience to be in charge of that amazing crew who always helped me out to get my ideas to the best possible place. 

It was also great to make new friends and discover the one and only Harper Kane, the first (and last) redhead boy of the commercial.