The Gift

by Joel Edgerton

USA, 2015
Shot on Alexa with Cannon c35 lenses

Producer - Rebecca Yeldman
Production Co. - Blumhouse and STX for UNIVERSAL
With Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall and Joel Egerton

I did a short in 2011. The actor there called his brother and recommended me. 3 years later, here is The gift by the brother, the one and only Joel Edgerton.

The movie opened August 7th in 2500 screens in the US with amazing reviews and number 3 in the box office, not bad, not bad for a 5 million dollar movie.

It was shot in 25 days in LA, it was a fun shoot because Joel is just an amazing guy. He wrote, produce, direct and act on it, pretty impressive specially cause he topped it with a permanent smile. 
I liked the project cause it had the suspense and twisted mind of the movies I liked when I was young.  I hope people enjoys it in this same way.

My work on it is not my best (sorry have to be honest here). But, at the end of the day, I am a filmmaker and my aim is to do good films. As simple as that.  So it is a great feeling when you do a movie like The Gift.