Trespass Against Us

by Adam Smith

UK, 2016
35mm with t1,3 lenses. Night chase on Alexa

Director - Adam Smith
Production Co. - Potboiler
Producer - Alastair Siddons, Andrea Calderwood, Gail Egan
DP - Edu Grau with Pau Esteve as 2nd Operator
With Michael Fassbender, Brendan Gleeson, Sean Harris and Lindsey Marshal

One of the most difficult shoots I have ever done. Yes, for a lot of reasons. Let’s face it, filmmaking is never easy, but this was even more painful than normal. Those two guys, Alastair Siddons (the writer and producer) and Adam Smith (the director), make me proud cause they fought non-stop for this movie for years. And here it is for the people to see their baby.

It was a full-on experience to shoot those chase scenes with Michael Fassbender at the wheel. Also it was the last movie I’ve done so far with Pau Esteve, my friend and long-time collaborator. To work with him is one of the biggest pleasures of this crazy world.