A Single Man

by Tom Ford

USA, 2009

Producer - Tom Ford
With Colin Firth, Julianne Moore and Nick Hoult

For sure, the best movie experience of my life! Being called to make Tom Ford’s movie is an honour I couldn’t even dream of at 27. But for all of you (me included) that don’t believe in anything, note that dreams happen... hardly ever, but they do.

There are things I will never forget: like my first meeting with Tom (he is full of talent) or when I lined up a shot with Julianne Moore...  she glows, like I’ve never seen before!!

It was an amazing experience, a candy for any DoP: a great script to shoot in the 60’s LA, with wonderful actors, an amazing director… and with an unbelievably talented and devoted crew. My gaffer, Jim Plannette (ET, Ocean’s 11, 12, 13, Mag­nolia, Braveheart…) was the best crew choice I’ve ever done. Ever. 

And the cast was just superb! Colin is a superclass actor and I am glad he got lots of awards for this movie. With Nick Holt, I felt sometimes I was lighting the next Di Caprio and Julianne is a Movie Star like no other. 

Tom is a joy to work with. So carefully obsessed with beauty, it was amazing the way we understood each other. 

I will always be thankful to him for being so brave and so good. I learned a lot from you, Tom!!