The Awakening

by Nick Murphy

USA, 2011
Shot in Scotland and London on 35 mm and Primo Lenses

Production Co. - BBC

So cool to be able to move around styles and genres and different movies. I always say I have probably the best job in the world!

What seduced me mostly about this drama wrapped in a ghost story was the possibility of playing with genre tools such as a peculiar narrative, the use of lighting for dramatic reasons and to play with camera as a storytelling device. It is fun to do it and a scary period thriller is perfect for it.

Rebecca Hall is a supertalented actress and Dominic "McNulty" West is a character in itself. Nick Murphy is one of those directors full of visual ideas that is a joy to work with. So, as hard as it was doing this film in 7 weeks and a tight budget  I am happy to have the trailer finally here. Hope you like it.