Suite Française

by Saul Dibb

UK, 2015
Shot on 35 mm

With Michelle Williams, Kirstin Scott Thomas, Mathias Schönaerts, Margot Robbie, Lambert Wilson and Sam Riley

Suite Française is a beautiful best seller that this lovely man called Saul Dibb decided to adapt and direct. The result is this passionate movie that tells a story of WWII that we haven't seen: the way a small town's relationships change with the Nazi's arrival. I find the movie very moving. Michelle Williams is one of my favorite actresses and Mathias is just amazing! Kirstin is spectacular to watch and Sam Rilley a joy to work with. It was big and hectic, it was a crazy and painful shoot, but you know what, life is sometimes like that and when I now see the movie (almost) only good memories come to me. And those journeys on the car with Saul and Alex Oakley, the Ad, where just unforgettable!! Those two 40 year-old men taught me how to dance Rap!  Yes, that kind of things went on in the car to set... So if you ever see me dancing, better talk to Saul and Alex!