Bunbury - Frente a frente

by J.A. Bayona

Spain, 2010
Shot on 35mm and zeiss 1,3 with streak filter

Director. - J.A. Bayona
Production Co. - Mónica Blas

Wow , what a  pleasure to work again with JA and to shoot a music video in 35mm like the good old days. Gregory Crewdson was our main reference. Funny enough I showed Crewdson´s book to JA Bayona 3 years before in London. I have always admired Crewdson, because he is so different from what I normally do as a Dop that I get fascinated for how beautiful it looks something that in my head would never be good looking. It is always nice to try new things, it is good to have new challenges. Rain, thunders, holes in the ground, coffins, this is why we enjoy making movies... right? And now that Bayona is a world class filmmaker, it is nice to remember us doing this earlier work.